Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby Calf Names of 2014

One of the best parts of dairy farming, at least for me, is naming all of the new babies that are born. Now, I don't name them all – it's oftentimes a joint effort between me, Glen, and the kids. The inspiration for each of the names can come from many places. I wrote a column a couple years ago about the process, so I won't go into detail here. But I will say that the one rule we normally follow is that the calf's name starts with the same letter as her mother's name; that way it's easier to remember down the road which cows belong to which cow families.

red and white roan heifer calf
Here are all of the names we picked for our baby calves in 2014, followed by the calf's mother's name. We broke tradition a couple times this year to name calves after some of the special guests who visited our farm this summer.

Zula – Zora
Harp – Heaven
Lia – Loa
Gael – Gem
Laila – Louie
Sparkle – Star
Downy – Dove
Honey – Hurricane
Wiggle – Wink
Lego – Lucy
Dana – Deryck
Umbrella – Ulla
Spring – Stormy
Nimble – Noelle

newborn black and white heifer calf in grass

Ree – Agape
Becky – Widget
Sommer – Ivy
Maria – Deluge
Brenda – Gigi
Julie – Jade
Bridget – Opal
Gloriana – Gala
Joanne – Holiday
Jessica – Lady
Jenny – Beauty
Lauré – Shiver

Milking Shorthorn Holstein twin heifer calves
Darcie and Dallas

Darcie – Dixie
Dallas – Dixie
Paige – Penelope
Dotsy – Dignity
Suede – Silk
Goldie – Georgia
Zeppelin – Zoe
Willie – Wilma
Dabble – Dapple
Tipper – Tillie
Dyno – Dynamite

newborn Holstein heifer calf in pasture

Hosta – Happy
Betsy – Beth
Hailey – Heidi
Twinkle – Twilite
Wonder – Winter
Tornado – Tretta
Cheer – Cherub
Linzer – Luna
Hyacinth – Heather
Malihini – Mahalo

Jersey heifer calf

UPDATE: Our Baby Calf Names of 2015 are now published.

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