Hello! Welcome to Dairy Good Life. I'm Sadie Frericks.

I'm a mom, dairy farmer, and storyteller (aka writer). This is my blog, which is mostly stories about cows, kids, and cooking.

I write here because I love sharing stories about family, farming, and food. And because I want to remember these stories. There's no way I would remember all of the stories of our life without writing them down. I hope you enjoy my stories, too.

My husband, Glen, and I milk cows together on Blue Diamond Dairy – a small farm in central Minnesota. We have a son, Dan, 13, and two daughters, Monika, 10, and Daphne, 7.

Glen and I started farming in 2005 and bought our 20-acre farm in July of 2007. We milk 100 cows and grow corn, alfalfa, and oats on rented land to feed our herd. Our cows and heifers also graze 100 acres of rented pasture.

Glen and I are both alumni of the University of Minnesota. We met in college while working at the Minnesota State Fair. We both grew up on dairy farms. Before we started farming, Glen worked for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and I worked for a weekly newspaper.

You can learn more about our family and farm in this little video:

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  1. Greetings for Southwest Wisconsin and a former twin cities resident! Just found your blog and looking for ward to looking around :)

    1. Welcome! Thanks for looking around. I hope you find something that makes you smile!

  2. How did u manage pregnancy while working on the farm? #1st time mom

  3. Hi Sadie! I happened upon your facebook page, which led me to your website. I am so very impressed with your farm, your lobbying, your recipes, and in general, your life.... good on you, girl! I'll be keeping my eye on you!
    Cousin Kelly
    ( I'm your mother's first cousin - don't know if you remember me)

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Kelly. I do remember you! :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing your life story with us this morning at the Women in Business event at Land 'o Lakes. Love your story and I'm inspired to spend more time on a farm.


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