Wednesday, January 27, 2021

2020 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends, 

In many ways, this year of so many cancellations has become a year of revival. This year we have sat down for more meals together as a family than I can count. I find myself bringing back recipes that I haven’t made in years.

Earlier this month, after reading our friend Suzanne’s words, encouraging everyone to continue sharing their Christmas greetings in spite of this year’s challenges, we decided to once again send a Christmas letter.

As part of our Christmas letter revival, after an eight-year hiatus, we each wrote down the good things that happened this past year. 

Here are some of the highlights:

• Finishing our new sauna (Glen and kids) 
• Playing in the snow (Daphne) 
• Dancing in Just For Kix shows and competitions (Monika and Daphne) 
• Swinging and tumbling in gymnastics (Daphne) 
• Winning the Regional 4-H Dairy Project Bowl competition (Dan and Monika) 
• Building countless blanket and cushion forts in the living room (Daphne) 
• Reading lots of books 
• Learning to ride bike and do tricks on her bike (Daphne) 
• Watching the Harry Potter movies on family movie nights 
• Hiking in Birch Lake State Forest (Sadie, Monika, and Daphne) 
• Searching for agates (everyone, led by Glen) 
• Playing with cousins and friends 
• Being Dad’s big helper – milking cows and riding in the skidloader (Daphne) 
• Spending weekends at the Cabin and Lake Lot 
• Playing softball in St. Rosa (Dan and Monika) 
• Riding the four-wheeler in the pasture (Dan) 
• Training for and finishing a triathlon – after a 16-year break (Sadie) 
• Writing letters to her pen-pal in Arizona (Monika) 
• Going back to school in person – hybrid for Dan, full-time for the girls 
• Trail riding – on a horse! – with my sister (Sadie) 
• Running cross country (Dan) 
• Regaining full use of my shoulder (Sadie) 
• Deer hunting (Glen and Dan) 
• Celebrating the miracle of life with countless new calves, kittens, and chicks 

Along with all of their activities, Dan, Monika, and Daphne continue to be all-around great kids, big helpers, and good students. Dan is in 8th grade at Melrose Area Middle School. Monika is in 6th grade and Daphne is in 2nd grade, both at St. Mary’s School of Melrose. 

Glen continues to keep our farm running. He can often be found researching dairy bulls, looking for the next group of sires that will give us beautiful cows with ultra-rich milk (i.e. lots of butterfat and milk protein).

I try to keep up with the kids, help with farm work, and support the Minnesota dairy community through my work on a number of boards and committees. I still write a monthly column for the Dairy Star and occasionally publish stories and recipes on my blog:

Although this year has been challenging at times, we strive to “see the flowers, not the weeds” and focus on the joys. We hope that you, too, are able to find the joys.

Wishing you all the merriest of Christmases and an abundance of goodness in the New Year!


Glen, Sadie, Dan, Monika, and Daphne