Monday, April 20, 2009

The more the merrier

We set a new record in April. The head count of family and friends we hosted during the past three weeks far surpasses any hosting endeavor we've undertaken before. We probably opened our doors to more people this month than we do in a whole year. For three weekends straight and one full week in between we had family or friends camped out in our living room or sitting around our kitchen table.

And it was great.

Our guests not only made themselves at home and jumped right into helping with the housework and child entertainment, they just as willingly put on their boots and went out to help in the barn.

We all managed to have plenty of fun and still got loads of work done. One night Glen summed it up like this: "In the past three days, we got a whole month's worth of special projects done outside."

We opened the silo, gave the barn a pre-IMS inspection makeover, converted the corn crib slabs into a fenceline feeding area for the heifers, bonfired a ton of brush and ate like kings the whole time thanks to those who manned the kitchen.

I was sure Dan would go through company withdrawal after everyone went home. Thanks to our visitors he was able to spend nearly every waking hour running around outside. Now we're back to just a couple hours playing outside.

In a way it's nice to be back in our groove, but we sure do miss all the laughter (and the extra help).

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