Friday, February 5, 2010

Lessons learned the hard way

For as long as Dan's been running free in the barn, I've been trying to teach him not to walk right in front of the cows.

"Walk with your hand on the wall, not in the cows' feed!"

Do you think he listens? No. I guess there are some lessons – like not walking in front of the cows or not touching the electric fence – that kids have to learn for themselves, because Dan still walks right in front of the cows. The cows either turn their heads to let him pass or back up in their stalls. They've become unflappable. The shrieking, skipping, feed tossing, seemingly invincible little being in the blue snowsuit has long since failed to cause them any concern.

Until last night.

Hermione, who usually stands in the back of the barn, was standing in the first stall. Dan and Skippy came barreling down the manger. Just as I yelled to remind Dan not to run right in front of the cows, Hermione tossed her head. I'm not sure if she was aiming for Dan or Skippy, but she sent Dan to the ground.

It was a relatively mild toss, so I was sure Dan wasn't hurt. But he stayed there on the ground and sobbed for quite some time. I think his ego was bruised more than anything else.

After he picked himself up off the ground, he was mad. He lowered his eyebrows into a scowl, pointed at Hermione and told me in his most authoritative voice, "Mama, you put her in time out!"

I turned around so he wouldn't see me chuckle. Maybe he's learned his lesson.

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