Friday, March 26, 2010

Thanks, TechMix!

After looking through my posts for the past three months, I noticed that my posts seemed more focused on challenges than joys. So, this post, and a couple more in the next few weeks, are going to focus on celebrating successes.

The topic for this post actually came to me when I stepped out of the house to get the mail. Sitting on the front step was a large, white box. Glen was coming in as I was going out and we both looked at each other and asked, "Did you order something?"

Neither of us had. The unexpected box came from TechMix, the company that makes Fresh Cow YMCP Plus, BlueLite and other animal rehydration products. The note inside said they'd read the story about us in the St. Cloud Times and were sending the box of samples as a way to introduce their company and say keep up the good work.

What the folks at TechMix don't know is that we're already two of their biggest fans. Their products make our work a lot easier. We've been using their Fresh Cow YMCP Plus for over three years now. Every fresh cow is orally hydrated at least once with Fresh Cow YMCP Plus; cows off feed or otherwise not feeling well are hydrated with YMCP and alfalfa meal.

Keeping cows hydrated during times of stress has been one of the biggest reasons we haven't had a single mortality on the farm in over 12 months. And in the 12 months before that, we had only one death.

After reading the letter from TechMix, Glen's comment was, "I can't imagine where we'd be without YMCP."

Thanks, TechMix!

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