Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family, football and He-Man pie

Our Thanksgiving celebration spanned two weekends this year — one weekend up north with my family and two gatherings on Thanksgiving weekend with Glen's extended family. In addition to giving thanks for our abundant blessings and spending some quality time with family, we made some fun memories:

Dan wanted to know whether the turkey was a mean turkey or a nice turkey.

I forgot Monika's dress at home for one of the gatherings, so she had to run around in her onesie and tights.

I took Dan to the Metrodome on Friday to watch my high school football team win the state championship. The young man who helped us on the farm up north is a senior on the team, so it was my chance to finally see him play (and to reminisce about my days as a football cheerleader for former state champion teams).

It was Dan's first football game ever, so you can about imagine how many questions he asked. My favorite query was, "Why is everybody yelling so loud?"

But my most favorite memory from this Thanksgiving came after Glen baked his pecan pies for the men's pie baking contest. Dan called them He-Man pies. And since He-Man is currently his favorite cartoon, he was actually excited to try the pie. (I've since been getting lots of leverage out of reminding Dan that He-Man eats his vegetables, too.)

I hope you made lots of great Thanksgiving memories, too.

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