Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's all a blur

Falling snow. Blowing snow. Bitter cold. Fresh cows. New calves. Sick calves. Sick kids. Sick me. Endless days. Sleepless nights. That was our February. Looking back, it's all a blur.

I'm convinced that sleep deprivation leads to memory loss. So, if I wasn't writing about this right now, down the road we'd never remember just how ridiculously grueling the past month was.

Thrown into this mix — and this is what I hope to remember — was Monika's potty training.

For the record, it wasn't my idea to start potty training in the middle of one of the worst winters I can remember. I was thinking that summer would be a great time to tackle this feat.

No, potty training was mostly Monika's idea. Because of that, the process was a piece of cake compared to convincing Dan to use the toilet. No stickers, no M&Ms. Just pure self-motivation on Monika's part and a few high-fives on our part.

The challenge has come with going potty in the barn. Here, there was a significant advantage to potty training a boy. Between dragging the potty chair along to the barn, wrestling with her snowpants and all her layers (and remembering to change her out of her sleeper!), and trying to keep her little bum warm, I definitely think it would have been a better idea to wait until summer.

At the same time, it sure is nice to be mostly done with diapers.

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