Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why we love chocolate milk

I've wrote before about how much our family loves chocolate milk. But with all of the media buzz about removing flavored milk from schools, I think it's worth mentioning again.

We love chocolate milk!


First, because chocolate milk provides crucial nutrients for active bodies. Our family is active. Our farm requires a lot of physical labor. And when Glen and I are outside working, our kids are outside playing. That means they play a lot! Chocolate milk provides fluids to rehydrate (milk is almost 90% water) and carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals to refuel.

Second, because chocolate milk tastes great! Our kids drink chocolate milk better than "regular milk", as they call it. (Who can blame them?) Since Dan is still a terribly picky eater, and Monika is just entering that stage, sometimes it takes a little coaxing to get nutritious food into them. I make chocolate milk by adding powder to unflavored milk, so I can control the amount of sugar added. It only takes a little chocolate milk powder to turn an untouched glass of milk into a finished glass.

Third, all flavored-milk research has shown that children who choose flavored milk drink more milk overall, have better quality diets, do not have higher intakes of added sugar or fat, and are just as likely to be at a healthy weight compared to kids who do not consume flavored milk.

I certainly hope that chocolate milk will be a choice when Dan and Monika go to school.

For more about why chocolate milk should stay in schools, visit www.raiseyourhand4milk.com.

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