Thursday, December 22, 2011

Star-plus status for Dimple

A while back, I wrote in one of my columns that when Dimple calved for the 11th time with a heifer calf to start her 12th lactation, she would attain star-plus status in our herd.

Well, she didn't have a heifer calf, but, two nights ago, Dimple delivered calf number 11 out under the oak trees in the pasture. (At least our brown winter has been good for something.)

Oddly, for as much as I write about Dimple, this is the only decent picture I have of
her. (I'll have to do something about that.) This photo was taken the morning we
moved the herd to Stearns County; she was nine years old. She hasn't changed
much in five years.

The only bad thing about Dimple calving on pasture was the extra time and effort it took to get her into the barn. Glen brought her calf into the barn first so it could warm up. Instead of going to the barn herself, Dimple kept running back to where her calf had been. And by running, I mean sprinting. For being 14.5 years old, she can really move!

It took both of us to finally get her into the cow yard and into the barn.

As Dimple stepped into her stall for the first milking of this lactation, I couldn't help but think of how different the situation was when she started her ninth lactation and we almost lost her.

But she's still here and this lactation is off to a great start. She's certainly earned her star-plus status.

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