Friday, January 6, 2012

Thanks, FarmerBright!

I'm sure every presenter in the world often wonders if their presentations are making a difference. I know I did.

A little over a year ago, I presented "Creating a Web Site for Your Farm" at the National Milk Producers Federation Young Cooperators annual meeting. The presentation was part of a session about utilizing social media; it focused on using popular blogging tools to create a simple web site and included some information about blogging, in general.

The meeting's evaluation forms indicated that many of the young cooperators found the presentation interesting, but I questioned how many would actually put the information to use. A web site, and especially a blog, requires a commitment of both time and creative energy; most dairy farmers feel like they have enough on their plate already.

Fourteen months later, my question is answered. I followed Ryan Bright, a fellow dairy farmer, on Twitter last week and got this direct message back in response:

"Thanks for the follow! I was a Young Cooperator with you at National Milk in Reno. I started blogging because of your presentation. I still refer to your list of topics." [Translated from Twitter-speak]

Talk about gratification! I put many hours into that presentation and it felt so good to finally know that someone put it to use — and is still using it today!

Thanks, Ryan, for making my day!

If you like reading about dairy farming, check out Ryan's blogs — yes, he has two of them:

You can also find Ryan on Twitter at @farmerbright.

If you're a blogging dairy farmer and you'd like the list of blog topics Ryan referred to, send me an email — sadie[at] — and I'll happily pass it along.

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