Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Twelve from 2012

2012 might have ended 37 days ago, but in some ways it's not really over yet. We spent a fair bit of time this week getting ready for our appointment with our farm business management instructor to prepare our year end financial statements. One one hand, the filing and data entry are mundane tasks. But, on the other hand, going through all of the records from the year is a neat way to review the year's events.

I also get a look back at the year when I sort through the hundreds of photos I take to pick out the best ones for our family photo book. I already published some of the best photos of the year in other posts, but the photos below didn't find their way into a post – until now. Here are twelve more of my favorite photos from 2012:

Our much needed Hawaiian vacation.

Our hike through the Hawaiian rain forest.
We were told beforehand that it was an 'easy' hike.

A honeybee visiting a California almond blossom.

Hydroponic forage at World Ag Expo in Tulare.

Some of the Girl Scouts and their parents relaxing in the pasture
during their visit to our farm to learn about dairy farming.

One of the hundred or so wood ticks I picked off the cows this summer.
This year the ticks were the worst I've ever seen. Gross, I know.

Summer fun for Dan.

A cat nap in the barn for Monika.

My view while manually flipping bales off the conveyor because
the bale flipper wouldn't work. It was July. Yes, it was hot up there.

Me and Trent Loos at Chick Day. Really funny guy. Great messages.

Thanksgiving: We're thankful for cousins!

Daphne's first portrait.

2012 was a great year for us. We had a lot of fun with family and friends. The cows and crops did well. And we were blessed with a new family member.

OK, now 2012 can be over.

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