Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Our first roll and toggle [Hoard's Dairyman Post]

Turning adversity into opportunity.

Like other dairy farmers who enjoy showing cows, we develop special relationships with our show cows. They’re the ones who always want their heads scratched or come find us in the pen or the pasture. We give all of our cows the same love and attention, but show cows get a little more affection.

So I didn’t take it well when Glen told me that Wiggle had pinged with a displaced abomasum. Wiggle has done better in the showring than any other cow we’ve bred. She also comes from one of the top production families in our herd.

“Oh no,” I said out loud, as my heart sank.

“No, this is OK,” Glen replied.

For a second, I thought my hubby wasn’t thinking straight. “When is a DA ever OK?” I thought to myself.

Before I could question his soundness of mind, he explained:

“I’ve been wanting to try a roll and toggle, so we’re going to turn this into an opportunity.”

[Read the rest of Our first roll and toggle here.]

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