Monday, June 20, 2016

Working smarter, not harder [Hoard's Dairyman Post]

Custom hire is a smart business decision for our farm.

While my husband and I milked our cows last night, a swather zipped through our fields, mowing down our first crop of alfalfa, along with the triticale and rye we planted as cover crops.

Swathing is one of the many jobs we hire others to do for us. We are lucky to have several dairy farms in our neighborhood that regularly do custom work for other farms. Our list of custom hire jobs also includes merging and chopping haylage; raking, baling, and wrapping baleage; baling dry hay; planting and chopping corn.

There are several reasons why custom hire is a smart business decision for our farm...

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In addition to cropping and harvesting, we hire custom operators to empty our manure lagoon each year. This spring, we also hired a crew to haul the bedding pack manure from our dry cow and heifer yards.

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