Friday, May 29, 2009

Big brother

There have been plenty of laughs – and plenty of "don'ts" – around here the past two months as Dan has incorporated Monika into his idea of 'us'.

Here's my take on a two-year-old's idea of what it means to be a big brother:

• drive tractor up and down sister's body

• jump on sister's head

• share raisins with sister by putting raisin in sister's mouth

• pull shirt up and lay down next to sister to "feed Mon-uh"

• quiet sister by letting sister suck on arm, hand or finger, despite where arm, hand, or finger may have been

• protect sister from all strangers by wrapping arms around sister's head and saying, "my Mon-uh"

• serve as sister's interpreter by announcing "Mon-uh sad" when sister cries or "Mon-uh more" when sister starts to root

• attempt to maintain family hierarchy with "no Mon-uh" when sister interrupts playtime, cuddle time or reading time with mom or dad

I'm sure Dan's role as big brother will continue to change as he and Monika grow – Glen is fond of saying, "Just wait, in two years Monika's pigtails will be flying as Dan pulls her little red wagon around the yard with his tricycle" – but, for now, Dan's got the job down pat.

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