Sunday, May 10, 2009

May madness

May madness

Forget March Madness, May is the month of madness around here. At least the first week of May was. Between tillage, planting and readying the pastures, the last 10 days were downright nuts. Glen was kept out late so many nights that I was starting to feel like a field-work widow. I honestly don't know how single parents manage bedtimes with multiple children; I'm sure glad there aren't many nights when I have to get the kids ready for bed all by myself.

On top of the busy-ness, the weather was just right for little boys to be outside – and Dan knew it. If he had to stay in for one reason or another, he'd get so squirrelly he'd start running laps around the kitchen table shouting "catch me, catch me, catch me".

Now that the corn is all planted and the cows are out to pasture, life has settled down a bit – at least for now. The rest of the heifers will go out to pasture today and then we'll start playing catch up with the farm (and house) chores that were put off. And we'll take some time to play "catch me" with Dan.

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