Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Losing daylight, losing sleep

The end of daylight saving time each fall means an extra hour of sleep one night. We enjoyed our extra hour on Saturday night. But the gain was quickly erased. You see, toddlers don't live by alarm clocks. They live by internal clocks. And Dan's has yet to be reset. He was up this morning at 4:30, ready to start the day. We weren't planning to rise for another hour. There was no convincing Dan that he should lay down for another hour.

Cows and calves don't pay any attention to clocks either. The cows didn't seem to mind the extra hour of milk, but the calves sure let me know that I missed their scheduled feeding by an hour.

We go through this period of adjustment every time we change the clocks. The calves catch on pretty quick, but it takes the kids two weeks to return to a normal sleep schedule. And since it's impossible to sleep unless the kids are sleeping, that means it takes two weeks for the adults in this household, too.

As far as I'm concerned, we could eliminate daylight saving time altogether and forego the headaches that inevitably come with the time changes. The concept is outdated and costs us more than it saves – at least around here.

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