Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Farm kids

I can't even recount how many times I've been asked, "What do you do with the children when you're in the barn?"

My answer is always the same: "They come out to the barn, too."

Life on our farm for a toddler means lots of time spent in confinement, for safety's sake. Monika either naps in her stroller or plays in the front of the barn, fenced in by a stock tank and two bales of hay.

Dan has graduated from containment and now entertains himself while we do chores.

He spends most of his time rough-housing with Skippy, our dog, digging in the sand pile and playing in mud puddles.


  1. Hello Sadie!

    I love the photo of Monika! So cute.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and photos make it all the more enjoyable. :)


    P.S. I volunteered at a Bright Lights conference in Duluth this week and met your neighbors, the Fochs! How fun!

  2. So, my next question is, what did you do with your kids before they were old enough to know better than to put everything in their mouth? We have a 9 mo son, who I would put in confinement, but he would eat all sorts of things if I let him.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    Great question! I wrote my response as a new post, so I could include some photos. Look for "Farm kids, part two" or copy and paste this link:


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