Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recipe for a bad morning

One sick child

Two missed alarms

Three sick cows

Four hours of sleep

Five loads of straw sitting in the yard yet when it starts to rain

Six hours to do chores, clean up and make it to the fair on time

Seven bottle calves to feed

Eight acres of third crop getting doused by the deluge 

(On the bright side, this was last Sunday. Things have since improved, but I'm still not convinced our luck has changed.) 

(The other good news is that, after a week in the shop, I finally have my computer back. The first time I checked email after getting it back, I saw that there were 37 new messages coming in, so I got up to go do dishes while they downloaded. Before I even made it to the door, the computer's you've-got-mail chime sounded. Zoikes! That was fast. Maybe if I took a week off to get upgraded I could work that fast when I came back, too!)

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