Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Daphne wears sleepers. A lot. She spends about 98% of her time in a sleeper. Dan and Monika wore sleepers a lot, too, but the proportion of time spent wearing sleepers has steeply increased with each child.

Daphne – 3 months

There are a couple reasons why:

(1) Sleepers are comfortable; the fabric is soft and there's no elastic waist band to cut into a baby's tummy. The way I see it, my kids will have the rest of their lives to try squeezing into jeans. Plus, I think jeans look funny on babies.

(2) Because they don't crawl up like pants, sleepers keep babies' legs warm.

(3) Sleepers eliminate the need for socks. Keeping socks on babies is a ridiculous endeavor.

Dan – 3 months

Sadly, my older babies' sleeper days ended long ago and Daphne's will come to an end one day, too.

Monika – 3 months

But what if we never outgrew our sleeper days?

Just think...

There would be no muffin tops.

Or plumbers' butts.

Or bare midriffs. (Really, I don't want to see your belly button unless we're at the beach.)

Sure, we might all look like Teletubbies, but we'd be comfortable and covered.

There would be no more digging through the laundry basket trying to find a pair of socks because your daughter refused to wear the first pair you set out for her.

There would be no need to decide if this shirt looked good with those pants. Picking out clothes would take a fraction of the time.

No need for belts.

Plus, lots of sleepers these days come pre-accessorized, so we wouldn't need a jewelry box full of baubles.

Life would be whole lot simpler.

Daphne – 4 months

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