Monday, June 24, 2013

Daphne's toes

baby chewing on toes in swing
Omnomnomnomnom! Toes!

surprised baby
Agh! You caught me!

smiling baby
Ha! They're so delicious, I'll eat them anyways!

Daphne Helen joined our family six months ago now. I won't say that having another child in the house hasn't been challenging at times, but those challenges are quickly erased from memory by joyful moments like the ones above.

Daphne is a delightful little person who has been affectionately nicknamed Squeaky by her father and siblings. She loves to play with, and eat, her toes. She likes to be out in the barn or in the yard, watching the animals or her siblings. (I'm guessing she has a hard time differentiating between the two at times.)

She squeals when she laughs and sometimes snorts. Daphne is almost always smiling, is very patient, and is very tolerant of being s-mothered by Dan and Monika.

Above all, she is loved and adored by everyone who meets her – most of all, her family.

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