Thursday, May 20, 2010

Only in Minnesota

Less than two weeks ago, I had to keep Dan in the house while we were visiting my family because I hadn't packed his snowpants or winter boots. Monika was still wearing her snowsuit to the barn last week. Now, Dan's outside running around in shorts and sandals; pretty soon, he'll have his own little farmer's tan.

Less than two weeks ago, there was snow falling from the sky. Yesterday, we finished cutting our first crop of hay. Only in Minnesota can the seasons flip-flop around like they have this spring. I laughed out loud while reading Jim Bennett's column in the May 8 issue of the Dairy Star as he described his decision to put his long underwear on, even though the forecast for that April day was 80 degrees.

My grandfather wore his long underwear until the first of July. Granted, we lived in northern Minnesota and it tends to be a bit cooler up there, but often those spring and early summer days would start out cool enough for two layers, but warm up enough to put shorts on by late afternoon. I believe Grandpa thought it was silly to change clothes as many times in a day as my sisters and I did, so he just kept his long underwear on.

When we started cutting hay on Monday, the forecast looked clear until Sunday. Glen was thrilled by the prospect of putting our first crop up as dry hay. Now, it looks like the front is moving in faster, possibly bringing the rain as soon as tomorrow. It seems like that old farmer's saying — if you cut hay, it will rain — has some merit to it. We still have the option of wrapping the first crop, so we'll see what Minnesota's fickle weather brings us today.

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