Saturday, May 8, 2010


The kids and I are up here visiting my family and the newest arrival. Thankfully, we drove up on Thursday, because you should see the snow on the ground. When I talked to Glen yesterday, he said it was raining at home, but it snowed all day up here.This was no friendly little snow shower, either; the flakes were gusting like a real December snow storm.

After watching the snow fall yesterday morning, Dan proclaimed, "Papa, it's time to put the Christmas tree up again!" Dan's asks every once in awhile if we can put the Christmas tree up and have his birthday again, but I kept telling him we have to wait until there's snow on the ground again. Apparently, that wasn't a well thought out delay tactic.

Dan wanted to go out and play in snow yesterday but we didn't pack our snowsuits and boots, so Dan had to be satisfied with watching the snow from inside and I had to accept his cooped-up behavior.

The scene when I looked out the window this morning was quite the paradox. The spring green of the trees' new leaves stood in stark contrast to the blanket of white on the ground.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

If I hadn't spent my entire life in Minnesota, I'd never have believed this possible, but it snowed when we were here last year in mid-May for my grandfather's interment, as well. We didn't end up with four inches on the ground, though.

The sun is shining now, and coupled with the warmer temperature, is quickly melting the snow. Slowly, the fields are returning to the green of the new grass and the beef cows are wandering back out to the pasture.

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