Friday, May 7, 2010

Welcome to the world!

Spring is most often thought of as a time for new life, and the season is no different around here. We always have an abundance of calves in the spring and this is when we start finding litters of kittens in the haymow and sheds. But this past week will go down in history as one of the most prolific weeks ever.

The week started with a new calf, which as I mentioned above, is par for the course. Then, on Sunday, Glen's sister called to announce the week-early arrival of our niece. On Tuesday morning, we got the call that my sister's baby was on its way — two weeks early. Talk about a surprise! By mid-morning, our nephew was born. 

And if a new niece and nephew weren't reasons enough to make the week special, we got another during chores that morning. The eggs I put under a hen determined to set in one of the nest boxes had begun to hatch. I could hear the eggs peeping when I checked them; by the time chores were done we had two fluffy, new chicks. Now, our proud mama hen, as Dan calls her, is clucking about with her brood of eight. (I'm just hoping they're all pullets — we don't need any more roosters!)

I think the low pressure system moving in must have been a catalyst for all the new arrivals, because Tuesday was also the day Skippy's mother gave birth to a new litter of puppies.

This will definitely be a week to remember.

Welcome to the world, little ones!

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